As the ship approaches the port in Milos, you will be faced with a quite spectacular view. Its strange horseshoe shape, emerging out of the blue waters of the Aegean combined with the great Greek sun, creates a majestic and glorious spectacle.

You will be filled with the desire to embrace it... what we can guarantee is that you will love it! Milos is one of the most seductive and hospitable of the Cyclades islands.

It is 86 nautical miles from the Pireaus port and it has an area of 151 sq. km.

This amazing island has approximately 5,000 inhabitants, who live in a total of eight settlements.

They are Plaka, Plakes, Triovassalo, Pera Triovassalo, Apollonia or Pollonia, Zefiria, Tripiti and Adamada. Milos is noted for its volcanic ground, as well as for its rich in minerals subsoil.

Its volcanos were active during the last 3,000,000 (million) years, but today they are considered to be inactive.

During your stay in Milos, we propose that you visit the archaeological museum in Plaka, the catacombs and the ancient theater in Tripiti, the extraordinary cave of Pafragas and the archaeological site in Apollonia as well as the wonderful historic temples, which are spread in nearly all the settlements (villages).

Milos is waiting for you... it is worth the visit!

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